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Never Forget

San Jose, CA, USA
Type of Gig: 
Church Choir

I perform as a singer and choir director all the time, which opens up many possibilities for train crashes in the music and such. One early morning, I stepped in front of the congregation and completely blanked on the words, total amnesia. I stared and the music slowed and stopped, and I said, I better try this again! and started the whole thing up again. When the first line came, I was still clueless about the lyrics, and was mortified to be standing there in front of hundreds with nothing to say. Well, the sopranos started singing the words, then the altos, then the rest, until the entire choir was singing my part ... I pointed to them and said, "Listen to them, they know it!" and turned around and conducted the rest of the song. When it was over, I turned to find many weeping, holding each other and obviously affected deeply.

What I didn't realize is that the words to the song were about helping someone in need as a form of love ... and everyone thought we had choreographed it that way to illustrate the message. What I thought was the worst performance in my life became a memorable event beyond my control. People still mention it as a high point in my choir's life. Go figure.

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